11th Jul 2011


WordPress Custom Fields in Comments

I’ve been tinkering with how to add custom fields to my wordpress comments. It turns out the documentation is sort of sparse in regards to doing so, but a few helpful posts, and some digging…

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21st Feb 2011

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Kids iPhone App

My first kids iPhone app is out. It’s called Toddler Trainer. It’s a simple learning game where your kids learn shapes, objects, numbers, letters, and words. Several different mini-prizes exists for successful level completion. If…

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3rd Nov 2010


Realistic CSS3 Box Shadows

Update: Here is a working demo Update 2: I wrote a design article on designing box shadows in Photoshop for StudentWebHosting.com. Check that out too. Update 3: I wrote a brand new tutorial which extends…

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21st Jun 2010


Add custom post types to wordpress main feed

Background I wanted my custom post types that I created in my last writeup (custom post types with archive page) to appear in my wordpress main feed. By default the custom post types do not…

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15th Apr 2010


Custom Post Types WordPress 3.0 with template archives

UPDATE: As of WP 3.1, custom post types archive pages are built in! (No doubt in response to this an other similar posts…) You just need to set the new ‘has_archive’ parameter to ‘true’ when…

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