This is where I, Andrew Wilson, write tutorials, market my creations, and mix in rants about technology, macs, web stuff, and all sorts of related goodness. I’m 30 and currently teach “web stuff” at SLCC in Salt Lake City. I like acoustic guitars, music, fishing, outdoors, tech toys, gadgets, macs, friends, family and athletic sports –with a heavy bias towards basketball.

I have a bit of experience in SEO, Design, PS, AI, Flash, PHP, SQL, PPC, HTML, CSS, jQuery. Somehow I managed to get an MBA a long the way, after I switched away from my first true love, Biology, in pursuing my “Web Stuff” interests.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, and the name Ballyhoo comes from a web design company I started called, well… Ballyhoo. My dear Mother gave me the name idea.

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