21st Jun 2010


Add custom post types to wordpress main feed

Background I wanted my custom post types that I created in my last writeup (custom post types with archive page) to appear in my wordpress main feed. By default the custom post types do not…

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15th Apr 2010


Custom Post Types WordPress 3.0 with template archives

UPDATE: As of WP 3.1, custom post types archive pages are built in! (No doubt in response to this an other similar posts…) You just need to set the new ‘has_archive’ parameter to ‘true’ when…

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6th Aug 2007

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Top 5 Best Professional Digital Cameras

So I’ve been getting into photography lately, and have just recently purchased a entry-level-pro camera. I did extensive research on multiple sites trying to figure out what camera would give me the best bang for…

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26th Jan 2007

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Google’s definition for “digg clone site” is netscape.com

So I was rather curious on how some of the ajax programming was done on the popular digg.com. I did a simple “how to make a digg clone site” on google to find out if…

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8th Dec 2006


How to create a vector portrait in Illustrator in 2 minutes!

So after seeing several tutorials on “how to create a self vector portrait in illustrator,” (Here and a High Tech version) I decided to do one for myself. The only difference is that I will…

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