Google’s definition for “digg clone site” is

So I was rather curious on how some of the ajax programming was done on the popular I did a simple “how to make a digg clone site” on google to find out if there was a related tutorial on how to make a voting system. The first result made me laugh.

Just goes to show the power of keywords and how they relate to SERP’s. Go ahead, try it, it’s funny.

This anomily is knows as Google Bombing. A famous example is the search for “miserable failure,” which turned up George Bushes name.

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- January 26, 2007


  1. So did desktop wars just get dropped? I would help develop some of the source if you need help because the idea is fantastic and I think it would sell or be freeware/shareware. People would help out if you made the source code open. Anyway, drop me a line with the status of the Desktop Wars app. Thanks!

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