Desktop Wars

The game for people with no time to play games. Turn your desktop into a full fledged battlefield! Your icons become the terrain providing cover from fire and your placement and icon type determine other capabilities. Various types of small soldier and vehicle units navigate around your cluttered desktop in a slow paced battle that you can sit back and watch or take a more active part in.

-Vs. self with 2 armies fighting for control of your Desktop.
-Capture the Base with your hard drive being the goal for one army.
-Vs. your friends over the LAN or Internet
-Dual Monitor battles
-Use motion sensing in laptops to cause earthquakes or other events to “shake things up”.
-Use voice recognition to issue commands and orders.
-“Spaces” like switching to view network battles

This is just a quick rundown of a few basic ideas for this. I really think the sky is the limit on what you could do with it. The ultimate procrastination tool!

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- August 24, 2006


  1. Is this going to/has happen/ed?

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