Mobile Ads CTR – Publishers are crazy

I’ve been wanting to weight in on the topic of CTR (Click Through Rates) on Mobile devices for quite some time. I’ve actually never implemented a mobile ad set-up via Apples iAds or Googles AdMob. It seems pretty straight forward and much like the traditional AdWords approach.

The topic I wanted to broach was CTR rate on Mobile Ads. Here is what I’ve found from several informal surveys I’ve conduced with colleagues, students, and other associates.

95% of ‘clicks’ or shall I say ‘taps’ on mobile ads served from mobile websites, or native apps are ACCIDENTAL.

Case in point: I’ve clicked on hundreds and hundreds of these ads in the 5 years I’ve been rocking an iPhone. I have NEVER purposely, with full intention, clicked on one of these mobile ads. Not once. Nada. Never. Zip. Zilch.

Am I a lone case here? Surely the advertisers are aware of this. Are they actually getting any ROI whatsoever from these ads? Can some advertiser weigh in here? Do you realize that 95% of all the ‘clicks’ on your ad were accidental, or done by my 3 year old son?

The mobile Ad space is really broken. Re-inforced by Apples alteration of their iAd and payout program for mobile ads over and over

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- April 17, 2012

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