My Dream App – Antz!

So I have noticed that quite a few diggs were rolling in over at phills new little project called My Dream App. I think the idea is great, and should produce some quality products.

So I thought that I would enlighten the world onto what I think would be a dreamy app. It’s not so much of an application as a time waster. Actually more like something to giggle and watch while your wasting time.

This is what it would do. You have your screen sitting there all pretty while you surf the net, work on your website, or write your next college essay. Things get pretty boring in the background. Why not have a little ants rummaging around on your screen while you work? They could crawl across your web browser, dig little holes in your windows, start little ant piles in corners, carry pieces of your window they chewed off back to the ant hole. The possibilities are endless! This would be a hoot to sit back and watch the little critters crawl around randomly doing random things while you work. It would have to be subtle, and not to many ants. Maybe you could throw in some red and black ant fights like you made when you were a kid.

So this is my great app idea. It’s really not feasible from what I understand, but it would be sweet you gotta admit.

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- August 22, 2006


  1. Why ants? Why not sock monkeys or those people that post on slashdot?

  2. Sounds like fun. Perhaps also have the option to make it only active as a screensaver – or when it is in screensaver mode the little buggers get REALLY destructive :)

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