Top 5 Addicting Games

I’ve complied a quick list of my favorite addicting games from the Net. I’ll give a quick snapshot and a few thoughts on why I picked them.

1st – Defend Your Castle
Hands down this is my favorite game. It’s sweet. You just have to keep the little stick men from beating down your castle buy picking them up and dropping them from the sky. Once your a way into the game, you can buy archers and other goodies to help you defend against the onslaught of stick men! Also allows for game saves.

2nd – Hapland Series
If you haven’t heard of Hapland, you aren’t living. This is the GREATEST little figure it out game. You just click on stuff and watch things happen in sequence. There are really no instructions but once you start clicking around, you’ll get the hang of it. I’ve figured out Hapland 1 and 2, but still haven’t passed Hapland 3! Enjoy the frustration!

3rd – Xiao Xiao
There is a whole ton of these Xiao Xiao games/animations. 1,2,3,4 etc. This one is number 4. This one you can actually play. It isn’t that hard to pass, but it defiantly worth the 5-10 minutes. The ending scene is sweet. You’ll see what I mean. In the earlier Xiao Xiao’s you simply watch stick figures duke it out in epic kong-fu battles. They are pretty entertaining as well.

4th – Insaniquarium
Feed the fish, collect the coins they drop, kill the evil monsters that try to eat the fish.
Simple yet addictive.

5th – Helicopter
This is the good ol’ classic game Helicopter. I wasn’t going to add this, but I think I remember playing a version of this game on an old atari when I was younger. You have to hold down your mouse to make the chopper fly up, let go and he will plummet. Watch out for the little obstacles. Good times had by all here!

Well thats my top 5 list. After compiling it I thought, “Man, this needs to be a top 10 or 20” because I hard a very hard time eliminating some other time-burning classics. Maybe for another list.

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- September 25, 2006


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